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About Responsible Houston

Responsible government begins with honesty, setting achievable goals, keeping commitments and promises made and being accountable for actions taken. This is the basic benchmark that all residents in the Greater Houston area should expect from their local governments, elected and appointed officials and related agencies and governing bodies.

Responsible Houston will challenge public officials whenever it notices their IRRESPONSIBLE behavior, either through the actions they take,the programs they initiate or continue or the ballot initiatives they propose.

Responsible Houston favors:

  • Responsible Public Transportation
  • Responsible Programs to Prevent Flooding (coming soon)
  • Responsible Retirement Plans for Public Employees (coming soon)
  • Responsible Permitting Approval Process in Houston (coming soon)

Between September 16th and November 5th(Election Day in Harris County) our focus will be entirely on fighting against the $3.5 Billion bond proposal called “MetroNext”.

Responsible Houston is a NON-PARTISAN ISSUES BASED Political Action Committee dedicated to fighting IRRESPONSIBLE actions and issues that are promoted by governing bodies in the Houston Area.

We are funded entirely through contributions.