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Metro Next - Lack of Density

Metro Next - Lack of Density


Most of Greater Houston Lacks the Density Required to Support Light Rail OR Bus Rapid Transit

The Federal Transportation Administration recommends minimum density for proposed BRT and LTR projects. Both types of projects have the same requirements for commercial zones and for urban residential areas. Commercial zones require 500 or more full time employees per acre within 1/2 mile of a BRT or LTR station. Residential areas require 12 or more dwelling units per half acre.

To reach the Full Time Job density requirements Uptown will have to add 176,000 jobs, over 2 times its existing job base.

The Uptown District that lies approximately 1/2 mile from the BRT line currently under construction along Post Oak BLVD. has 23.2 million square feet, or 532 acres. There are 78,000 full time employees in the Uptown District. If you add 1.5 people that might be visiting in one of the areas 7,200 hotel rooms then one could claim there are really 90,000 employees, or a density of only 169 full time employees working within 1/2 mile of a BRT stop in Uptown.

Uptown will have to add Housing Units to reach the Dwelling Unit density requirement.

The Uptown District lies entirely within zip code 77056. According to US Census data, there are 13,256 dwelling units in the zip code that covers 2,240 acres. This provides an area density of only 6 per acre, or half required. To reach the density recommendations for dwelling units within 1/2 mile of a BRT stop Uptown will have to double the number of housing units.

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Metro Next - Lack of Density

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